Quick start guide to building high-impact teams in 2024

What happens when employee efficiency and productivity meet?

Build effective teams
to scale growth in 2024.

Effective teams aren’t just productive. They’re impactful. Efficient. Essential. Cross-functional. Agile. They’re proven to outperform, which is all-important in today’s challenging environment. So, how do you build and nurture effective teams in 2024?
Increasing productivity is one part of the formula. Measuring employee efficiency is another. When those things come together – productivity, efficiency, and a few more key ingredients – you will see effective teams take shape. Download our Quick Start Guide to Building High-Impact Teams in 2024 to learn all the strategies for building high-impact teams and scaling growth.

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What’s in the Guide

7 strategies to scale impact

Get a roadmap to transform productivity and efficiency into effective, repeatable, measurable growth.

Data-backed insights

Spot the factors hindering effectiveness in your organization, with tips to trace productivity issues to the source.

Sustainable solutions

Set clear targets, make small changes, and watch your work ladder up to long-term organizational growth.

Increase productivity. Enhance employee efficiency. Make work more effective.

Define what you’re fighting for

79% of leaders say a company’s purpose is central to growth – yet only 27% help employees connect their work to a shared purpose. This guide has practical strategies to help you communicate purpose clearly, translate organizational goals to team-level targets, and coach employees to prioritize impactful work.

Building high-impact teams in 2024
Building high-impact teams in 2024

Manage more effectively

Organizations that make value-driven decisions are more than twice as likely to outperform their hierarchical competitors. That starts with assessing individual strengths, analyzing opportunities to work smarter, and allocating resources where they’re more valuable. You’ll see employee efficiency and productivity increase – but that’s just the start.

Scale and sustain growth

With regular feedback, recognition, coaching and autonomy, employees can become 3.2x more motivated to do outstanding work and 2.7x more engaged. That kind of effectiveness catches on quickly. Learn how to grow your impact beyond your team and nurture a high-performing culture that builds company value.

Building high-impact teams in 2024