How SmartBuyGlasses enhanced productivity and payroll management with Time Doctor

At a glance

SmartBuyGlasses, a leader in the designer eyewear e-commerce sector, adopted Time Doctor to optimize the efficiency and management of its remote workforce, achieving remarkable results in team productivity and adherence to work protocols.

Time Doctor streamlined remote workforce and payroll management and enhanced team productivity adhered to work protocols for SmartBuyGlasses.

SmartBuyGlasses is one of the world’s largest designer eyewear e-commerce companies, with a presence across Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, the eyewear e-retailer has taken a leadership position in more than 30 countries worldwide and offers an extensive range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses at accessible prices.
Its mission: To help people see and be healthy regardless of their budget. A mission achieved through an integrated supply chain, close relationships with some of the world’s leading eyewear distributors, technological innovation, in-house opticians, and careful consideration of their customers’ needs.






Asia, Europe, Pacific, America

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The challenge

SmartBuyGlasses confronted the intricate task of managing a geographically distributed workforce, spanning Asia, Europe, Pacific and America. The primary challenge was to develop a cohesive system that could not only manage work hours but also boost efficiency, ensure compliance with work schedules, and streamline the invoicing process. This was especially crucial for their customer service agents, where precision in time management directly impacted client billing and service delivery.

The solution

In response to these challenges, SmartBuyGlasses adopted Time Doctor, an employee friendly tool known for its comprehensive time-tracking features and easy-to-use interface. The pivotal advantage of Time Doctor was its provision of real-time data on work hours and employee productivity. This capability enabled SmartBuyGlasses to efficiently orchestrate its remote workforce and enhance operational effectiveness.

Core benefits

Enhanced invoice accuracy and efficiency measurement

Time tracking is instrumental in refining the invoice process and calculating team efficiency. This precision in tracking work hours directly translates into more accurate billing and a clearer understanding of team productivity.

Insightful time allocation and productivity analysis

By breaking down work into specific projects and tasks, Time Doctor provides valuable insights into how time is allocated within teams. This allows SmartBuyGlasses to gauge the efficiency of different tasks and projects, thereby optimizing time management and enhancing overall team productivity.

Optimized attendance management

The Work Schedule feature in Time Doctor significantly aids in controlling team attendance. By setting and monitoring schedules, SmartBuyGlasses can ensure ‌that fully remote employees adhere to their work hours, leading to more efficient workforce management and reduced absenteeism.

Targeted improvement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Time Doctor offers a range of dashboards and reports that address issues impacting key performance indicators. These reports provide a detailed overview of employee activities, enabling SmartBuyGlasses to identify and rectify inefficiencies and enhance overall team performance.

The results

Time Doctor has proven to be an indispensable tool for managing SmartBuyGlasses’ remote workforce. Its capabilities in tracking time and tasks has created visibility and accountability among team members and its workforce management features has facilitated the successful operation of their remote and hybrid work models.

Using Time Doctor has led to a substantial improvement in ‌team productivity and efficiency. They have observed an estimated increase in overall team performance by about 3 times. Time Doctor has provided a structured system for managing time and shifts, which has been instrumental in this significant uplift in ‌team performance.

The implementation of Time Doctor has resulted in a marked reduction in compliance issues, estimated at 50-75%. This decrease is a reflection of ‌enhanced adherence to schedules and work guidelines. The increased monitoring of remote employees has fostered a stronger sense of accountability and a higher level of compliance with established policies and procedures.

Thanks to Time Doctor, we have been able to keep good track of what hours the agents are working if they are following their schedule, as well as what task they are working and that helped us to measure the efficiency and to be sure which agents are doing the good job

Rafael Vazquez

Head of Customer Service, SmartBuyGlasses


SmartBuyGlasses, a leader in designer eyewear e-commerce, has experienced a remarkable transformation in managing its remote workforce through the adoption of Time Doctor. Time Doctor not only streamlined workforce and payroll management but also played a crucial role in enhancing team productivity and adherence to work protocols. SmartBuyGlasses saw an estimated 3 times increase in overall team performance, demonstrating the tool’s effectiveness in optimizing remote workforce operations.

The implementation of Time Doctor also led to a significant reduction in compliance issues, with an estimated decrease of 50-75%. This improvement reflects a stronger adherence to schedules and work guidelines, fostering a culture of accountability and precision across the team. The case of SmartBuyGlasses and Time Doctor showcases the transformative potential of the right tools in revolutionizing remote workforce management, setting a benchmark for operational excellence in the remote working landscape.

The implementation of Time Doctor led to 50-75% reduction in compliance issues and 3x increase in overall team performance.