Eufonie achieves 30% productivity boost — How Time Doctor transformed remote work management

At a glance

Eufonie is a leading business process outsourcing company (BPO) that is headquartered in Madagascar. Eufonie offers high quality, flexible and competitive outsourcing services in customer relationship management, content moderation, data processsing, and call center services that are available 24/7 and operate in five different languages.

Explore how Eufonie, harnessed Time Doctor's Workday Insights and real-time monitoring to enhance productivity and client satisfaction.


Company Size

101 – 500


Business Process Outsourcing



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The challenges

Eufonie, like many BPOs during 2020, was forced to transition its entire team to a remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Johan le Bail and the Eufonie team quickly saw the need for new technology that would create visibility and provide accurate workday data for its newly remote team members.

Remote team accountability & flexibility

Operating in Madagascar presented unique challenges for Eufonie to transition to a remote workforce. The majority of the team did not have access to a personal computer or reliable internet connection. Johan understood that employees would be excited by these new resources and wanted to make sure that leaders could monitor productivity, while still empowering agents to demonstrate their accountability in a simple and flexible way.

Increased visibility to prevent client churn

The quick shift to a remote workforce brought many questions from Eufonie clients regarding security and the work output that they could expect. This challenged Johan to find a solution that would go beyond just time tracking and monitoring. Eufonie needed a tool that would help it maintain visibility and find new ways to ensure its clients that work was being completed on time.

Time Doctor is a great tool to help train and verify what can be improved in our day to day processes. We can understand what is easier and harder for employees to do, which you can’t get in-office.

Johan le Bail

The solutions

After researching other tools, Johan decided to implement Time Doctor because of the multiple features and workday insights that would help Eufonie bring new and innovative solutions to its clients and create a more productive and efficient remote team. Time Doctor has provided the data and accountability necessary for leaders to allow the flexible and remote work that employees want. Time Doctor’s screencasts have also been a huge win for Johan because he can now provide accurate proof of work to his clients in real-time, as well as understand where employees need training.


After implementing Time Doctor, Eufonie saw employee productivity reach new heights. Workday insights and real-time monitoring allows Eufonie to identify the ‘available’ time of employees, which has led to a 30% increase in overall productivity. Management used this available-time data to help balance workloads and identify areas where training was needed, making the team more efficient. Having greater confidence that work is being completed has also enabled Eufonie’s leaders to give team members more freedom and flexibility.

Client satisfaction was also significantly increased through Time Doctor’s features, including the Client Login Access feature. The ability for Eufonie’s clients to log-in to see what agents are working on each day and view real-time performance metrics has provided proof of agents’ productivity and given clients peace of mind.

Along with increased productivity and client retention, Johan shared that Time Doctor helped Eufonie create a successful remote work environment, which allowed the company to maintain its operations during COVID. In a recent internal survey, 95% of Eufonie employees shared that they are happy to continue working remotely, while using Time Doctor.


By accurately tracking how much time is spent on client tasks, Eufonie can quickly make data-driven decisions to help stay on budget and on scope.


Time Doctor’s Workday Insights helps Eufonie identify the needs and effectiveness of training. They were able to implement a new process in which management reviews screencasts to make sure employees are truly understanding newly launched processes.


Eufonie was able to use Time Doctor data to both increase client retention and re-negotiate rates based on how much time client tasks take, making them more profitable.


Time Doctor helps the entire Eufonie team understand where time is being spent and helps identify opportunities for improvement in their day to day processes, helping to maximize productivity.

Without Time Doctor we would not have survived the Covid-19 pandemic.

Time Doctor brought us more than just monitoring. Now we can give our clients more control and visibility than we were previously able to in-office

Johan le Bail

CEO, Eufonie