Achieving user acquisition and lead generation success: Insights from Vladislav Podolyako of Belkins IO

In this episode, Liam Martin chats with Vlad Podolyako, the brain behind Belkins. From starting Belkins in 2017 to growing it to a team of over 300 in just half a decade, Vlad shares the secrets behind his swift scaling success.

Dive into key topics such as the role of dedication and hard work in growth, effective strategies for cold email outreach, and vital takeaways from scaling at breakneck speed

Explore cold email strategies and scaling insights for user acquisition and lead generation sucess with Vlad Podolyako of Belkins IO.

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Liam Martin

Founder & CMO

Time Doctor, Running Remote

Vladislav Podolyako
Vladislav Podolyako

Founder and CEO

Belkins and Folderly

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Meet Vladislav Podolyako — the man at the helm of Belkins ( Hailing from Ukraine and currently based in Denver, Colorado, Vlad co-founded Belkins, a sales acquisition agency with a focus on appointment setting, cold email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, CRM, and more. Within 5 years, they’ve expanded their footprint across the US, Poland, and Ukraine, boasting a strong team of 300.

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