Pedro Barboglio on reinventing the BPO wheel

In this episode of the Future Workforce Podcast, hosted by Liam Martin, we dive into the mind of Pedro Barboglio, the visionary founder of Remote Team Solutions. Join Pedro on his entrepreneurial journey as he recounts how he reinvented the BPO company in a fiercely competitive landscape

Pedro Barboglio on reinventing the BPO wheel

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Liam Martin

Founder & CMO

Time Doctor, Running Remote

Pedro Barboglio on reinventing the BPO wheel
Pedro Barboglio

Founder and CEO

Remote Team Solutions

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Pedro walks us through his entrepreneurial journey, revealing how he carved a niche for his BPO company amidst fierce competition. With a remarkably low turnover rate of 2%, Pedro attributes his success to seeing clients as partners and his unwavering commitment to top-notch customer service.

But it’s not all smooth sailing; Pedro shares the hurdles he’s faced while scaling his business and the lessons learned from those challenges. He also throws in some unconventional wisdom for BPO founders, emphasizing the importance of not just chasing clients but choosing the right ones. Beyond just filling positions, Pedro envisions a future where BPOs play a crucial role in educating businesses on the benefits of remote work and artificial intelligence to boost efficiency. Tune in for a masterclass on building a BPO company that’s not just successful but sustainable and forward-thinking.

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