Inc 5000 company: How Hire Horatio CX is transforming customer experience outsourcing

In this episode, Liam Martin sits down with Jose Herrera, the visionary CEO of Hire Horatio, recently named one of Inc 5000’s fastest-growing companies in America. They discuss the remarkable journey of Hire Horatio, a trailblazer in customer experience outsourcing for high-growth startups.

How Hire Horatio CX is transforming customer experience outsourcing

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Liam Martin

Founder & CMO

Time Doctor, Running Remote

Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera

CEO & Co-Founder

Hire Horatio CX

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With roots in the Dominican Republic, Jose shares how the company has grown from 30 people to 1600 in only 3 years due to its strong culture and employee happiness.

Key discussions in this episode include:

  • The story behind Hire Horatio’s name and its mission to become a trusted outsourcing partner for startups.
  • Insights into how prioritizing employee well-being has been a key driver of Hire Horatio’s swift growth.
  • The significance of retention metrics over Net Promoter Score (NPS) in evaluating business success.
  • Strategies employed in transitioning clients from offshore providers to enhance service quality.
  • Jose’s perspective on the future of work, especially maintaining human connections in an AI-influenced landscape.

This episode offers a deep dive into Jose Herrera’s background and the core principles behind Hire Horatio, providing valuable insights for startups and established companies alike. It’s a must-listen for those interested in the evolving dynamics of customer experience outsourcing and its impact on business growth and client satisfaction.

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