Influencer marketing in the BPO Industry: an unusual acquisition channel

In this interview, Cody Barton, the founder of StartVirtual, discusses the growth and challenges his company has faced in providing virtual assistance services in the real estate industry. Despite the uncertain environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, StartVirtual decided to fast-track their launch in March 2020. Cody shares their journey from being a real estate business owner to creating a virtual assistant company, and how they expanded their services to insurance and bookkeeping.

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StartVirtual now manages over 600 portfolios across various sectors. Cody discusses the challenges faced in hiring the right people that fit the company’s culture and the regrettable decisions that had to be rectified. He also talks about the technical complexities, training quality, and team member engagement issues experienced during the company’s rapid growth. Despite working 70 hours a week, Cody finds satisfaction in being an entrepreneur and plans to eventually create room for senior leadership to take over.

StartVirtual achieved growth mainly through organic methods and affiliate relationships and are now planning to invest more in paid marketing. Cody emphasizes the significant role of influencer marketing in the company’s growth and how they are improving their operational function and CRM transition. He shares advice for BPO founders looking to leverage influencers for rapid growth and highlights the need for establishing the right leadership team from the beginning.

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