Humans + AI crafting a new era of work collaboration

Profound wisdom from a 35-year veteran of the call center and BPO industry

Are you curious about how the blend of human creativity and artificial intelligence is reshaping the way we work? Join us for an engaging webinar : Humans + AI crafting a new era of work collaboration with Jim Iyoob, the Chief Customer Officer at Etech. With a whopping 35 years of experience in the call center/BPO industry, Jim is set to offer some authentic insights.

This webinar is perfect for team leaders, managers across industries, HR professionals keen on workforce innovation, and anyone passionate about the future of work collaboration.

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Hosted By

Liam Martin

Founder & CMO

Time Doctor, Running Remote

Jim Iyoob
Jim Iyoob

Chief Customer Officer

Etech Global Services

Exciting things you can learn from this webinar

How to seamlessly integrate AI into business operations without losing the human touch.

Tips on balancing technology and human skills in your workforce

The top burning questions. Jim’s answers to them and sharing his expertise.