Increase productivity now: The power of employee engagement

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Lavinia, a seasoned CEO, founder, and investor, will share her strategies for building thriving work environments across diverse global landscapes.

She’s joined by Vinícius Coelho, VP of People & Culture at Time Doctor, adding depth to our discussion on cultivating adaptive and flourishing organizational cultures.

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Vinicius Coelho
Vinícius Coelho

VP of People & Culture

Time Doctor

Lavinia Iosub
Lavinia Iosub


Exciting things you can learn from this webinar

Real-world examples of an award-winning culture’s impact on resilience and growth over the past decade.

Data-backed examples demonstrating how engaged employees directly influence business outcomes.

Insights into preserving a cohesive culture amid remote work challenges and digital exhaustion.

Approaches to foster employee engagement that aligns with core values, inspired by best workplace practices.