How Time Doctor optimizes remote work at Bertholf Consulting

At a glance

Bertholf Consulting provides a range of web marketing and technology solutions, led by Rob Bertholf. Rob’s service offerings include branding, content strategy, technical SEO, authority building, influencer outreach and conversion optimization services.

Bertholf Consulting boosted productivity and project oversight for its remote team with Time Doctor.
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1 – 25


Marketing and Advertising



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The challenges

As you can imagine, Rob oversees several projects at any given time and was having difficulties tracking the timeline of projects for his own reports as well as payroll. Adding to this, Rob also needed a way to monitor his remote team’s efficiency and increase productivity.

The solutions

By using Time Doctor Rob was able to record accurate timelines on all projects as well as maximize team productivity. Time Doctor’s insightful reports let Rob stay informed on the status of projects, meaning he has saved time by not having to ask for updates. The remote team has become more accountable for their time including minimising unproductive tasks.

3 favorite Time Doctor features

Time tracking & employee monitoring

By tracking timelines and tasks Rob has been able to monitor the team’s efficiency and also easily access project updates that were previously done manually.

Screenshots & activity levels

Using screenshots has provided visibility into time management issues and increased accountability within the team.

Project management & budgeting

The ability to view previous tasks and timelines for all projects has helped Rob create accurate payroll reports.


“When working with a remote team, one must figure out what works best to keep the team productive and motivated. It’s important to have an open line of communication. Time Doctor is one tool I would recommend to help keep things on track and monitor the team without the need to breathe down their necks. It is important to create a systematized approach to projects.

Finally, we’ve found that by paying team members above market rates, we’ve increased quality and retention. There are a lot of people who want to work virtually and many will do so at a reduced rate, however we believe in taking care of our team so that they will take care of us. This approach has resulted in low turnover and most of the team has been with us since we opened the division nearly five years ago.”

Managing remote teams can seem like a daunting process to a lot of leaders. This isn’t the case when you use a tool like Time Doctor. Stay easily informed with real time reporting and get ahead of potential workflow bottlenecks by knowing exactly what everyone is working on.

“Before using Time Doctor, I had very little oversight of my employees’ time allocation.”

Time Doctor allows me to monitor the team’s efficiency.

Rob Bertholf
Rob Bertholf

Bertholf Consulting