Cloud Humans streamlines BPO operations with Time Doctor insights

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Modern BPO platform Cloud Humans uses Time Doctor to proactively solve product inefficiencies and streamline how people work, to reduce its costs, support scalable operations, and maintain its competitive advantage.

A modern take on the business process outsourcing (BPO) model, Cloud Humans is a tech company founded in 2020 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cloud Humans’ platform connects companies that need outsourced customer service with freelance professionals (that it calls pros), who are supported by the platform’s content management tools and intelligent robots to respond to customers quickly, correctly and consistently.



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The challenges

Cloud Humans’ innovative business model—essentially a two-sided marketplace—allows for exceptional scalability, but co-founder Bruno Cecatto said that keeping the core team lean and growing profit margins required deep insights into where to improve operations and its platform.

Granular analytics without adding significant project management

Cloud Humans wanted granular analytics into workflow, process and technology inefficiencies that would allow it to streamline high-quality exchanges between companies, pros, and end consumers — without adding significant project management or headcount costs.

Better understanding of the productivity of its freelancers

Getting a better understanding of the productivity of its freelance customer service professionals was also seen as important, both from a quality assurance perspective and to guide advancements to the platform to boost performance.

The solutions

Cecatto said that Cloud Humans’ desire for nuanced insights into time and effort wasted across its business meant that it was an easy decision to adopt Time Doctor in 2020. He said being able to integrate Time Doctor with its platform via an API offered a cost-effective way to make productivity tracking part of its business model.

While Cloud Humans’ billing, and payments to pros, is based on tickets resolved and not hours worked, Time Doctor gives it a clear picture of freelancers’ work patterns and performance metrics. That helps Cloud Humans refine processes, minimise wasted time, and retain the best pros.

Cloud Humans also values having a detailed view of how its internal workforce uses various back-end tools to coordinate and perform work on the platform. “For example, you can see not just how much time was spent on Slack, but exactly what channel you were spending time in. This is a key feature for us right now”, said Bruno.

We use Time Doctor as a way to know where to focus our product resources, so that we are developing the right processes and tools, and we can scale profitability.

Bruno Cecatto
Bruno Cecatto

Cloud Humans

The results

Insights from Time Doctor about how its pros and employees spend their time has directly informed process and product updates that reduce manual effort and ensure more consistent service delivery — both essential for operating at scale.

“We were asking our team about the tools and they were saying ‘it’s fine’, but deep down it wasn’t meeting their needs and they were taking shortcuts — and that worried us because we’re in the middle of scaling so we need to put quality control processes in place.

“With insights from Time Doctor we found out where we still needed to invest more in certain features in order to reduce the time spent speaking with customers.”

Reduced workforce inefficiency by identifying process improvements

Pros rely on the Cloud Humans platform to speedily answer customer queries, but Time Doctor insights revealed a time-consuming step in keeping the platform up-to-date. Changes to the interface slashed time spent on this process by up to 30%.

Improved tools to eliminate time-intensive workarounds

Time Doctor’s analytics helped Cloud Humans spot that project managers were bypassing tools that should have automated a process within the platform, by speaking with pros and companies instead. Having the visibility needed to fix this workaround and make other data-informed product decisions increases the speed of customer support, which allows Cloud Humans to cost-effectively grow its customer base.

Ultimately, data-informed people and product management has increased Cloud Humans’ capacity to facilitate extremely fast and reliable services for more companies and their customers, while maintaining profits.

With insights from Time Doctor we found out where we still needed to invest more in certain features in order to reduce the time spent speaking with customers.

Bruno Cecatto
Bruno Cecatto

Cloud Humans