How Time Doctor boosted productivity for Comparakeet

At a glance

Janus Jarapa is one of three founders of Comparakeet, a startup that provides an independent product review service. Comparakeet’s goal is to serve consumers best in class product and service reviews in a simple, easy to navigate site that will save them time and money.

Discover how Comparakeet enhanced productivity levels and gained insights into remote work hours using Time Doctor.


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1 – 25


Information Technology and Services



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The challenges

Like most entrepreneurs today, Janus is building this startup alongside a full time job. With Comparakeet not being his full time focus, Janus needed a way to gain visibility into what his remote content writers were working on and how many hours they put in each day.

The solutions

After implementing Time Doctor, Janus was able to track the total hours worked by each content writer and also gained important insights into productivity. Using one of several report options, he spotted unusual behavior from one employee. Time Doctor’s Web & App Usage report and Screenshots features revealed this employee was spending several hours a day on unproductive websites.

By uncovering this data, Janus was able to coach this employee on better time management skills and maximize their daily productivity levels.

3 favorite Time Doctor features

Time tracking & employee monitoring

By using Time Doctor Janus was able to see total hours worked by Comparakeet’s remote content writers, so he could ensure they put in the full 40 hours per week.

Productivity measuring & summary reports

Comparakeet has better visibility into how much time is invested into the startup project, and the associated productivity levels of each founder and team member.

Website & app monitoring

Janus increased productivity by using website monitoring to identify and correct the behavior of an employee who was spending a lot of hours on unproductive sites.


With one of its founders located in San Francisco and one in Israel, plus a team of remote writers, it can be hard to keep everyone on the same page and ensure everyone is contributing equally.
Working with a tool like Time Doctor has given managers and founders alike confidence that everyone is doing their job.

“It’s all about discipline. Discipline comes out of belief in the business that you’re building. This belief should be instilled in all of your employees and founders. If you believe in what you’re doing, it makes it much easier to be motivated and get the work done. Team members are more willing to clock in their time in Time Doctor every day.”

Time Doctor acts as a productive force for any remote team.

Janus Jarapa
Janus Jarapa