Time Doctor Fuels 25% Productivity Boost for Leading Customer Support BPO

At a glance

Using Time Doctor to make in-office employees more aware and answerable for performance expectations has amplified productivity at a leading customer support BPO for technology companies.

This top business process outsourcing (BPO) company built its reputation by helping scale the growth of tech companies in Silicon Valley and provides an omnichannel solution for customer experience and back-office support. Based in the US, with two offices in the Philippines, the company has expanded its client base to include more than 100 software, SaaS and e-commerce brands around the world. To raise the bar for business process outsourcing, the company offers industry-leading career development for its talent and promotes a culture of respect and wellness.

The challenges

The company has a mix of teams, with most agents on-site and others working from home. Getting the best performance from people located in its state-of-the-art office spaces in the US and the Philippines was a priority.

The BPO wanted to know whether in-office employees were actively working and meeting their responsibilities, to help reinforce a culture of honesty and support quality management. Given its focus on lifelong learning, the company was also keen for more clarity on knowledge and skills gaps within its office-based teams.

The solutions

Adopting Time Doctor in 2017 across more than 1,400 users let the company gain deeper visibility into attendance and workplace activity than ever before.

Managers don’t need eyes everywhere to know if employees are consistently arriving late or taking excessive breaks because they have a centralized view of attendance via Time Doctor’s Attendance Report. Web & App Usage Reports that highlight individual workflows, and Screenshots that provide a moment-in-time snapshot of work being performed, help the company spot incorrect practices or inefficiencies that can be addressed by training.

The results

Across its physical offices, the company achieved 2x performance gains by increasing accountability, improving alignment with processes, and better directing training needs.

Managers can easily check that employees are present, on-time, actively working on important tasks, and taking appropriate breaks, without micromanaging.

That supports the company’s growth ambitions and has led to employees being more mindful of meeting their obligations.

The BPO’s systems are more future-proofed. Not only can the company identify process and training improvements faster, by being able to track app usage and workflows — it’s also gained reliable proof-of-work it can use to demonstrate compliance or satisfy clients.

Improvements in the quality, quantity and efficiency of work have largely been driven by an 11-25% boost in in-office productivity since implementing Time Doctor for time and activity tracking.

We are also utilizing Time Doctor for audit purposes, where Screenshots are mostly used. We also love that the tool is capable of tracking whether our staff is using apps to manipulate time tracking.

Time Doctor is particularly valuable for monitoring our in-office team’s productivity through detailed insights into how employees make use of their time and different tools.

Outsourcing Executive