Streamlining remote team management at Empire Flippers — How Time Doctor made an impact

At a glance

Empire Flippers is an award-winning online company that helps businesses around the world sell and buy other online companies. Empire Flippers set out to make the daunting process of selling and buying businesses easy and painless. They have helped buy and sell over $100 million worth of businesses and have a success rate of 89% from their 2k+ online business sales.

By using Time Doctor, Empire Flippers accurately measured his team’s productivity streamlining remote teams in real-time without spending valuable hours analyzing lines .


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101 – 500


Online Media



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The challenges

Empire Flippers’ director of operations, Andy Allaway, shared that the company lacked sufficient workday data to manage its 100% remote team. Empire Flippers needed more visibility into the productivity and performance of their remote teams but more importantly, they wanted this data to be easy to consume.

The solutions

Empire Flippers chose Time Doctor because it offered everything that they were looking for to help the company effectively manage its remote teams while also providing instant insights into workday activities. Time Doctor’s dashboards and multiple reporting options provided Empire Flippers with high- level summaries into what is being worked on and how long each task takes to complete, all in real-time. Having instant insights into the performance and productivity of the company’s remote employees was a huge perk for Andy.

For a fast paced company like Empire Flippers, the ability to cut down the time spent on pulling and analyzing reports has been a huge win. Andy can choose what Empire Flippers wants to do with the data and how deep to want to drill down based on the company’s needs at that time. Time Doctor’s features, including automated summary emails, have made it easier to track and analyze team performance. This has freed up more time for leaders to focus on the strategic functions of their roles.

“Time Doctor is invaluable to companies to see what is going on. I’d definitely recommend Time Doctor for a number of different business cases. For any company that has a significant operations function, particularly where people are doing the same role and can compare the stats, Time Doctor is great to get a look at what’s going on in the company and make adjustments where you need to.”

Andy Allaway

Empire Flippers

The results

By using Time Doctor, Andy has been able to accurately measure his team’s productivity in real-time without spending valuable hours analyzing lines of data. Time Doctor’s different reporting options give Andy a variety of ways to review the data easily, which has helped him uncover and adjust issues with operational workflows.

To hear more from Andy on how Time Doctor helps Empire Flippers, watch this quick video.

Empire Flippers’ managers gained real-time visibility into what tasks and projects teams are working on.

Dashboards and analytic reports have saved the company many hours by reducing time spent manually digging through data.

Time Doctor’s customization options gave the company greater control over the level of granularity of its data analysis.

“I can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of the main secrets to scaling successfully and I’m more than happy to recommend it to anyone else.”

It gives us a quick snapshot of what is going on with our business without us having to spend hours pulling reports and work through data.

Andy Allaway

Empire Flippers