How Executive Mosaic transitioned to a remote workforce and saved tens of thousands annually

At a glance

Manila, Philippines is unfortunately plagued with some of the world’s worst traffic. Networking events and media company Executive Mosaic — which hosts some of its operations in the Philippines — had in-office workers who were commuting an average of two hours each way. Executive Mosaic looked for ways to allow a partial work from home solution in 2019 and began utilizing Time Doctor’s capabilities to ease the burden on its workforce. The transition and remote workforce test proved to be timely when COVID-19 hit us all.

Executive Mosaic seamlessly transitioned to remote workorce with Time Doctor, resulting in significant annual savings.

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck and created a “new normal,” Executive Mosaic was then able to implement Time Doctor for its entire workforce, including 88 team members in the Philippines, just in time to send everyone home.



Company Size

101 – 500


Online Media



Work Type


The challenges

“It looked like a stroke of unintentional genius,” CEO Jim Garrettson said. But he admits, “we were just lucky to be ahead of the curve.”

Prior to using Time Doctor, Executive Mosaic had a traditional office-based business structure that was extremely limiting in terms of what workers the company could attract and from what location.

For instance, Jim wanted to hire a product manager who would have been absolutely perfect for the job. However, the candidate took another job closer to home when she learned that she would have had to commute two hours each way to work.

The solutions

With Time Doctor, Jim has now made the decision to close his corporate offices in the Philippines and transition to remote workforce which saves the company tens of thousands of dollars every year. It has also expanded Executive Mosaic’s reach, enabling the company to hire from a global talent pool. Executive Mosaic will also have access to shared commercial space options if space is needed for meetings.

Executive Mosaic isn’t restricted to hire or recruit specifically from the available workforce in Metro Manila. The Philippines consists of over 7,000 islands and many remote provinces. The country is also now wired with internet access, so the company’s newly empowered virtual business has fresh options that were unthinkable before.

3 reasons Executive Mosaic loves Time Doctor

Data transparency

Executive Mosaic has been able to ensure everyone in the organization is actively using Time Doctor and knows what is expected of them.
Everyone has access to their own data and is responsible for holding themselves accountable.

Real-time data to manage
workflow & time

Managers have become more agile, with visibility of the quality and quantity of work being produced, and the ability to manage without being in the same room as their team members.

Easy installation

Executive Mosaic found Time Doctor quick and easy to implement, due to being able to install it and upload email lists within minutes to get the entire organization up and running.

“Finding Time Doctor was fortuitous for us!”

Because of Time Doctor, we are giving up our commercial real estate and the associated expenses!
We sent an email out to almost 100 of our people asking who wanted to come back to the ‘old normal’ or continue with Time Doctor and our ‘new normal’? Guess how many of our people replied that they wanted the old normal? Zero.

Jim Garrettson

Executive Mosaic