Time Doctor powers Habitium’s growth and flexible work strategy

At a glance

Habitium is a Spanish-owned e-commerce business operating in the EU and specializing in the sale of home construction and renovation products. They are on a mission to provide a wide range of top brand products at the most competitive price on the internet, without sacrificing great customer service. Habitium’s global expansion demands flexible work scheduling to attract skillful people working remotely.

Habitium’s rapid expansion into new countries meant that it would need to accommodate a flexible work schedule in order to attract top remote talent.

Established in 2013, Habitium has experienced rapid and ongoing growth. In 2018, they expanded from Spain into Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. In 2020 they again expanded into Italy and Portugal, doubling revenues, and won Spain’s national award for Best Supplement Attention to the Client.



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1 – 25


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The challenges

Maintain productivity through growth

As Habitium expanded across Europe and began hiring remote workers, they needed a time tracking tool to create transparency and drive productivity during a crucial stage of the company’s growth.

Habitium began evaluating time tracking software, looking for a system that would be easy-to-use and implement virtually as they began onboarding new employees from different countries. Because they were heavily reliant on project management tools like Trello, they looked for a tool that would integrate with project management and other software that they already used on a daily basis.

Facilitate flexible work schedules

Habitium’s rapid expansion into new countries meant that it would need to accommodate a flexible work schedule in order to attract top remote talent.

Their best employees wanted a tool that would track their productivity and give them the freedom to work on a flexible schedule. Having an easy-to-use time tracking tool would be essential to maintaining productivity and ensuring accountability across time zones and lifestyles.

The solutions

Before implementing Time Doctor, Habitium had tried some time tracking tools, but none of them integrated well with other software they were using on a daily basis, like Trello.

After evaluating several options, Habitium chose Time Doctor because it offered everything their employees were looking for. It provided a simple, easy-to-use time tracking system with 60+ software integrations and delivered valuable workday insights that employees could use to monitor their own productivity.

For example, Time Doctor helped employees learn which tasks were taking most of their time for them so that they could prioritize accordingly.

Using Time Doctor, the team has also gained insight about their hybrid work model, including which tasks are better performed in office or remotely, as well as what days and times they reach peak productivity. The data provided added accountability and made it easier for employees, regardless of location, to work on the flexible schedule that’s best for them. They could decide when and how to work, based on Time Doctor data, to complete all of their tasks in the most productive and efficient way possible.

Getting started with Time Doctor was easy enough that new hires from around the world had no trouble quickly adapting to the tool.

It’s a great tool to measure your productivity and know which tasks are more time consuming and harder for you.

Jessamine Eaton
Jessamine Eaton


The results

Habitium employees, both remote and onsite, have implemented Time Doctor’s time tracking tools and insights into their daily work life. They track their performance, review their productivity, and make the effort to grow and improve over time. Not only does it allow them to maximize their individual efforts and improve as employees, but it also let’s them work when they want while still knowing that they are accountable to their employer.

Employees can easily track productivity throughout the day, including peak times to plan ahead for maximum efficiency.

By analyzing and measuring how time is spent, employees gain insights that provide clear direction on how to improve their own performance.

Employees are empowered to schedule their tasks and become more efficient with their time.

Reviewing all projects and tasks in once centralized place helps with prioritization, tracking project timelines and progress.

Dashboards keep all teams up to date on high priority projects and tasks.

Visibility for employees and management provides accountability and allows for flexible work schedules.

Some employees can choose to work from home or the office and complete tasks when it best suits them and their lifestyle.

Flexible work environment attracts top remote talent, allowing Habitium to hire top professionals across the globe.

Time Doctor integrates with existing software, like Trello, to make for seamless use.

Today, Habitium can give their employees access to real-time data that drives the business forward while creating a flexible culture to attract remote talent from all over the world.

Because we use Time Doctor, we’re able to have a flexible schedule. So, for example, depending on the task that I have to do that day I can either choose to work from home, or come into the office, and it’s just as easy as stopping and starting the timer. It allows you to adapt to the work schedule that’s best for you.

Jessamine Eaton
Jessamine Eaton