Elevating healthcare outsourcing with Time Doctor

At a glance

Phoenix Virtual Solutions is an offshore BPO that offers staffing to healthcare providers, facilities, and management companies across the U.S. With over 75 years of experience from highly skilled healthcare professionals, Phoenix Virtual Solutions provides first-hand knowledge of healthcare processes and best practices that help transform healthcare organizations on a global scale.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions, a healthcare offshore BPO, utilized Time Doctor for productivity, client retention, and secure remote work

Phoenix Virtual Solutions offers services in medical billing and collections, finance and accounting, customer service, IT software and development, back office support, and virtual assistants. They follow a stringent staffing and recruitment process to ensure that their offshore teams have the right experience and background to meet their clients’ needs and goals. Through offshore staffing, Phoenix Virtual Solutions enables their clients to save 60% or more in annual labor costs.



Company Size

101 – 500


Business Process Outsourcing



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The challenges

As an offshore BPO company with headquarters in the Philippines and two bases in the U.S., Phoenix Virtual Solutions was searching for a way to create more visibility into their remote workforce. They also sought to provide accurate and comprehensive data to their clients about the efficiency and total output of their offshore teams. Phoenix Virtual Solutions’ VP of Admin and Business Development, Rommel Ragasa, explained that they were looking for the most affordable technology that would provide multi- functional monitoring of their virtual assistants and ensure a secure remote work environment. They needed a solution that would not only help Phoenix Virtual Solutions with client retention but also help positively impact their clients’ overall productivity and revenue.

The solutions

Phoenix Virtual Solutions chose to implement Time Doctor because of its global brand recognition and popularity in the BPO industry. Rommel said that Phoenix promoted its use of Time Doctor to their clients because it sends the message that Phoenix’s virtual assistants are optimising their time to perform efficiently.


By using the reports and analytics from Time Doctor, Phoenix Virtual Solutions has been able to increase client retention and acquire new customers based on their reputation for clear and accurate reporting of offshore teamwork.

Core Time Doctor features that have helped Phoenix Virtual Solutions uphold their commitment to providing the most productive and efficient offshore staff include: the Web & App Usage report; Screencasts; Productivity Reports; and Work Schedules.

Rommel also shared that Time Doctor’s reporting and time tracking has impacted the profitability of Phoenix Virtual Solutions by allowing them to accurately bill clients and adjust their staff’s payroll when needed.

Time Doctor provides the data and visibility that offshore team managers need to ensure that day to day operations are taken care of and that work is being completed on time.

With Time Doctor’s HIPAA compliance and security measures, Phoenix Virtual Solutions can give their clients peace of mind by maintaining secure remote work environments.

Through accurate timesheets and payroll, Phoenix Virtual Solutions can track the under and overtime of their offshore staff, helping them to maintain and increase profitability.

Using the idle time data, they can identify the most productive employees and uncover potential issues.

By tracking the web and app usage, managers can ensure productivity. It allows them to continue to develop metrics and standards for their virtual assistants so they can create the most productive remote teams.

Screencasts help provide proof of work to both leadership and Phoenix Virtual Solutions clients, giving them more transparency into the work of their offshore teams.

One of Phoenix Virtual Solutions top clients reported a 1000% growth in the volume of collections due to the exceptional performance and increased productivity of the offshore staff provided by PVS.

Time Doctor made our website development process 35% more efficient.

Rommel Ragasa

Phoenix Virtual Solution