Boosting call center productivity by 15% with Time Doctor

At a glance

Purity Products is a New York based nutritional products company that operates a 24-hour customer order line and provides high levels of customer care.

Purity Products transitioned to a virtual call center during COVID-19 and used Time Doctor to increase employee productivity by 15%.


Company Size

101 – 500


Marketing and Advertising



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The challenges

Once COVID-19 forced the Purity Products into lockdown, the company’s IT department swiftly transitioned the workplace to a virtual environment. In the office, monitoring productivity was easy, but in the remote environment, not so much. The company needed to make sure it was tracking and monitoring productivity at home and needed an effective tool to do so.

The solutions

At first Purity Products started working on the honor system. After a few months the company decided to invest in a time tracking system to make sure its 60 internal and 40 external call center agents were maintaining productivity and were adhering to their schedules.

Time Doctor’s analytics enabled Purity Products to trust its team to work remotely, which has led to an increase in call center productivity levels and a steady rise in performance.

Supervisors don’t have to worry about agents being late to work, especially during rush hour in New York City. And attendance has improved.

Another benefit of adopting Time Doctor is that the role of supervisors has been redefined in the new remote environment to become more effective. There is a lot more communication, coaching, and touch points with their agents.

Time Doctor insights help supervisors understand agent’s specific challenges so they can adjust their coaching advice and troubleshoot issues. Supervisors can also see data that shows the level of impact their coaching has on an agent’s productivity.

Favorite Time Doctor features


Purity Products is able to validate when an agent clocks into their timesheet through the timestamping feature. In a remote environment knowing when agents start and stop their time is critical to ensuring productivity.


Monitoring screenshots gives Purity Products a good view into how agents are maneuvering around the database. The company uses screenshots as a way to identify where agents might need further training to help increase efficiency.

What would you tell an organization who is looking into Time Doctor but is afraid of looking like “big brother”?

In a successful organization, transparency is key. Present it as a tool that is used to support them and help their productivity. The problem with “big brother” is that people learn after the fact that they are being monitored. Be candid.

Ryan Persaud

Purity Products