Time Doctor Empowers Sarv to Prioritize Work-Life Balance and Streamline Workflows

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Creativity, communication, and customer satisfaction sit at the heart of Sarv’s operations. Founded in 2011 and based in India, the company’s well-crafted software supports cloud-based telephony, AI-enabled unified communications, contact center, lead generation and marketing automation.

Time Doctor's features have helped Knorish maintain a balance of trust and accountability with their employees, leading to significant improvements in productivity, accountability, and attendance tracking.

Sarv’s platform comprehensively solves a range of communication problems for more than 100,000 businesses including over 300 multinational corporations like IBM and Adobe, ensuring a personalized experience for customers across an omnichannel marketing ecosystem.



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The challenges

Time Doctor’s features have helped Knorish maintain a balance of trust and accountability with their employees, leading to significant improvements in productivity, accountability, and attendance tracking.

Remote team accountability and visibility

To effectively innovate and respond in ways that meet its clients needs, Sarv maintains a creative in- house team of developers and dedicated customer support personnel available 24/7. With 100% of its team working remotely, Sarv’s workplace culture evolved to encompass greater flexibility around shifts and breaks. To support this change, the company needed better visibility of employees’ activities during each workday to unobtrusively keep employees accountable and inform performance management.

Prevent burnout and stress

A key goal was to help its team avoid disruptions and drops in motivation they anticipated would arise due to the distractions of working from home, and lack of supervision. In particular, they were concerned about blurred boundaries between work and personal life that could lead to stress and burnout. Sarv wanted more data that could be used to meaningfully influence employee wellbeing.

The solutions

Sarv adopted Time Doctor to enable its team of more than 100 employees to track time and attendance, and give its managers access to useful reports they could use to uplift performance and work-life balance.
While the company expects its team’s working hours to primarily overlap within defined nine-hour shifts, using Time Doctor allowed Sarv to give employees more control over exactly when they log in and take breaks because the details will be precisely recorded.
A clear view of patterns of activity and potential overwork through Time Doctor’s reporting features has helped Sarv’s managers to identify and approach team members prioritizing work at the expense of their own health and wellbeing.
Time Doctor’s Work-life Balance widget enables managers to define appropriate limits for the number of hours and scheduled periods employees should be working to stay healthy and rested. It then highlights when an employee exceeds the limits within a 30-day period— for instance by working too many late hours or over the weekend—and may be at risk of burnout.

Without Time Doctor, it would have been impossible to gain the same level of understanding of – and the ability to improve – every employee’s productivity.

Manali Bhojwani
Manali Bhojwani


The results

Accurate, self-directed time tracking that also accounts for paid breaks aligns with Sarv’s goal of ensuring that workers can flexibly balance workloads with downtime to ensure they remain energetic, efficient and prioritize on work-life balance.

As Sarv’s HR Manager points out: “If employees are happy in their personal lives then they also will be happy in their professional lives.”

The company’s approach to performance management has been enhanced by being able to identify time-wasting, and by empowering users to understand how they use their time and areas for improvement. Increased accountability keeps employees focused, leading to improved performance and outcomes.

Within weeks of Time Doctor’s implementation, Sarv’s team had adapted to a more autonomous, accountable and wellbeing-focused approach to time management and performance evaluation.
Armed with reliable behavioral data, managers actively work with employees to find solutions when Time Doctor flags that someone has worked too many hours, or is spending too much of their time working outside standard hours.

Sarv managers were able to define schedules for employees to stay healthy and rested.

Time Doctor allowed Sarv employees to more control over when they log in and take breaks.

Sarv’s managers could allocate resources, identify areas for improvement and streamline workflows through Time Doctor integration with other tools such as project management softwares.

“Time Doctor is very simple and even if you have any question, you can go to Time Doctor’s website and download the brochure of any feature, and it becomes more and more smoother.”

Right now, work-life balance is an encouraged practice by managers, and the workforce now understands the benefits of taking time off, breaks, and not doing unnecessary extra work.

Manali Bhojwani
Manali Bhojwani