How Vulpine Interactive fine-tuned pricing and profitability using Time Doctor

At a glance

Derric and his wife Shana saw a problem. Too many people were trying to understand digital marketing and do it on their own and were failing miserably. They wanted to help entrepreneurs eliminate waste and execute their digital marketing strategy better. So they started the marketing agency Vulpine Interactive.

Vulpine Interactive utilized Time Doctor to scrutinize their time allocation in client reports, uncovering gaps in their pricing model.

One such company they helped was The company collected a ton of email addresses and never once sent an email engaging with their prospects. So Derric and his wife set up an indoctrination sequence in order to increase engagement.
And they were able to do all of this profitably with the help of Time Doctor.

Company Size

101 – 500


Marketing and Advertising



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The challenges

For instance, for every project that Vulpine Interactive takes on, they also create reports. Reports are a fixed-price feature added onto their service offering. In other words, the quicker they create their reports, the more profitable the business.

It turns out, Time Doctor revealed that reports were taking 2 and a half hours to complete. Vulpine Interactive had only designated 1 hour for reports in their pricing model.

In other words, they were losing money.

With the use of Time Doctor, they were able to perform an audit of where they were spending their time on reports and their other services, and then make the necessary adjustments to their pricing.

There are a lot of time management tools out there. We like Time Doctor because of it’s desktop application and mobile integration. We also use it to keep track of the client services within Asana.

If you’re (an agency) looking to keep track of the amount of time it takes to perform specific services for your clients, then this is the most robust solution we have found.

The solutions

Vulpine Interactive uses Time Doctor to determine how much time they can spend on a service (content marketing, social media marketing, etc.) to fit within a particular price. For instance, a client may buy their $500 per month package. With Time Doctor, Derric and Shana were able to build services that will be able to fit within the pricing model.

This was done over time and with careful analysis of how much time they were spending per client. For instance, if they reach hour 16 out of 20 but are only half way through the work, they know they will need to scale back some services for future clients. In other cases, they may discover that they can offer even more value to the client than they’d initially expected.

By using Time Doctor, we discovered that creating reports took us 2.5x longer. We thought things would take significantly less time, but once we started tracking, we realized we had to change our prices.

Derric and Shana Haynie

Vulpine Interactive

3 favorite Time Doctor features

Desktop app

The app keeps Derric constantly informed of how much time he’s spent on a particular task, so that he knows when a task is taking too long and he needs to move on.

Reporting on projects

Helps Derric understand how the time estimate they provide to clients compare to actual time worked for those clients.

Friendly reminders

Derric likes the convenience of having his Asana tasks appear in Time Doctor where he can easily track how much time he’s spending on each one