The BPO dilemma: Striking the right balance between quality and productivity

Time Doctor, Klaus, and a special guest from the

explore the delicate balance between productivity and quality in the world of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). In this fast-paced business environment, BPO sector is striving to maximize productivity while maintaining high-quality services. However, achieving this balance is often easier said than done.

In this exclusive webinar, we’re bringing together the expertise of Time Doctor, Klaus App, and a seasoned BPO expert to share practical insights and proven strategies to help you manage this critical equilibrium.

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Hosted By

Rodrigo Fernandez

VP of Growth & Revenue Operations

Time Doctor

Grace Cartwright

Senior Content Specialist


Kseniia Barchenko

Chief Learning & Development Officer


Exciting things you can learn from this webinar

The importance of quality and productivity in the BPO sector

The common trade-offs and risks in balancing quality and productivity

How technology like Time Doctor and Klaus App can help maintain this balance

Real-world insights from a BPO expert