Navigating the CS jungle

An exclusive webinar exploring the future of integrated customer support. This session showcases the powerful synergy between Time Doctor’s productivity software and Zendesk’s top-tier customer service platform. Discover how LTVplus is dramatically transforming its approach to customer support to offer unmatched assistance.

The CEO of LTVplus, GQ Fu, and co-founder of Time Doctor, Liam Martin, lead you through this innovative integration during an enlightening webinar.

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Hosted By

Liam Martin

Founder & CMO

Time Doctor, Running Remote


Co-founder & CEO


Exciting things you can learn from this webinar

Understanding the current challenges of customer support

The evolving landscape of customer support that is influenced by diverse platforms, changing consumer expectations, and remote work complexities.

Exploring the benefits of Time Doctor x Zendesk integration

The compelling advantages of integrating Time Doctor and Zendesk including streamlined workflows, improved time management, seamless platform unification, and ultimately, a significant increase in agent productivity.

LTVplus’s successful adoption and experience

Learn, How the implementation of Time Doctor + Zendesk enhanced LTVplus’s customer support efficiency and service quality.

Live Q&A session with industry leaders

Get your pressing questions answered, benefit from GQ’s and Liam’s vast knowledge and experience, and gain insights that can be applied to your own customer support challenges.