New feature: Paid breaks – enhanced reporting accuracy and workday visibility

It excites us to announce the launch of Time Doctor’s innovative Breaks feature, designed to boost productivity and employee well-being for organizations across all sectors. It was the 4th most requested feature among our customers with 50+ seats.

This new Paid breaks feature —

  • Enhances User Experience: Eliminate the need to manually create breaks, allowing employees to focus on other important tasks
  • Empowers Managers: Boost efficiency, minimize errors, and save time and resources for increased productivity

In this webinar, Time Doctor’s Customer Success Leader provides an overview of the feature.

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Hosted By

Calvin Gopal
Calvin Gopal

Client Success Manager

Time Doctor

Exciting things you can learn from this webinar


The significance of work-breaks for employee engagement, well-being, compliance, productivity, and reporting accuracy.


Practical examples of utilizing the new paid breaks feature to enhance your company’s performance.


Hands-on guidance on configuring paid breaks and accessing relevant Time Doctor reports.